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              Datong Heneng activated carbon Co., Ltd. 
              Supply brand, safe and conscientious products!
              Personality is the first which activated carbon quality reflects!
              • Activated carbon for water purification

              • Powdered activated carbon

              • Activated carbon with high molasses value

              • PH activated carbon

              • Activated carbon for water purification

              • Acid washing low ash activated carbon

              • Acid washing low water soluble ash activated carbon

              • Acid washing low acid dissolving Ash Activated Carbon

              Acid washed activated carbon is a featured product of Heneng company. With stable raw coal, mature technology, high quality steam, this kind of carbon always ranks the NO.1 in technology and builds an unique brand in the Datong area and even in the whole country. In addition to outstanding features of high iodine value, low ash, super adsorption value, this product is also favored by customers at home and abroad for a great variety, high quality, and moderate prices. With the gradual improvement of world water treatment and the ecological environment protection awareness, the applications of activated carbon products are becoming wider. As Datong area’s pillar coal deep processing industry, our company’s products are mainly sold to the developed countries and regions such as Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States, etc. At the same time, the domestic market demands are also keeping raising. The product’s development space is broad and widely used in water treatment, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, brewing, textiles printing and dyeing, light industry, military industry, environmental protection, electric power and other industries.
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