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              Datong Heneng activated carbon Co., Ltd. 
              TECHNICAL FORCE
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              • Activation furnace
                Our company owns two Slep activation furnace, two sets of sieving, breaking and stone removal supporting production lines, complete environmental protection dust removal and testing facilities. The facilities are high in automation and advanced in technology. The independent laboratory monitors the entire process of the raw material purchase, production and sales to ensure the controllability and traceability of the products.
              • Packaging line
                We are located in Datong coal base with advantaged natural resources. We adjoin several power plants with high quality, burning and stable steam source. We adopt advanced acid and alkali washing reaction still to produce top acid washed activated carbon with high iodine and low ash.
              • fluid bed dryer
                Do what the customers urgently want, and think what the customers think. Be responsible for the customers, impressing customers with products and service, developing with the customers together!
              • Screening production line
                We have unique fluidized bed vibrating drying method and dust removal packing lines to minimize floating dust and ensure the products quality. Our mature technology and excellent team ensure the invincible position of products. “Strive every effort and innovate to develop!” is Heneng people’s consistent philosophy. “No best, only better! ”is Heneng people’s eternal creed.
              QUALITY POLICY
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              Process flow chart of activated carbon production
              Customers first
              Customer is god – We confirm the aim of customers first. The company's business activities should always be according to the customer’s demands, meet the customer's requirements , and exceed the customers expectation through continuous improvement.
              Quality service
              Service is the guarantee – We should keep excellent service attitude, accomplish product promotion, improve production quality, strengthen product after-sale service, pay attention to the users’ needs and feedback, constantly improve with sincerity to ensure the customers’ long-term satisfaction.
              Integrity is the key – We will adhere to the principle of honesty and credit, insist on the quality and service commitments to our customers, abide by the relevant state laws and regulations and industry standards, establish good corporate reputation and social image, win the trust of customers, occupy the market, and achieve win-win cooperation.
              Quality first
              Quality is the cornerstone – We pursues the idea of quality first, high standard, strict requirements to produce high quality products as our goal, realize quality control of the whole process, strive for perfection, and satisfy our customers.
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